Everything is in place.

I’d like to introduce you to the new Pink Ginger Photography and my new logo that better represents what Pink Ginger Photography stands for. I had much reason to rethink my personal priorities over the last few months. Along with that, I have also thought about why I want to take photos for you. To me photography is a powerful way of preserving those little moments, the ones that tend to get lost amongst the big ones. it is these little moments that define who we are, and what we stand for, really. I love food photography, and I’ve realised how food is so intricately tied to family, good times and not so good times – that’s what makes food photography so important. I would love for you to let me tell your story in my photos of the food your restaurant or cafe produces. There are other stories I would like my photography to tell. These are the stories of everyday people and their celebrations. This will be the other arm of my business, event photography. No event is ever too small or insignificant to have memories preserved through professional photography. Please take look through the pages of this blog and visit my website to take a look at some of my work. Pink Ginger Photography If I can help you to tell your stories, please contact me.