Year 10 Formals

Tis the season for Year 10 Formals. Year 10 formals are a rite of passage for teenagers here in Canberra, and they make Hollywood red carpets look like the local barbecue. So much to consider in making your splash – what kind of transport to arrive in, what dress, hair, shoes, makeup or suit  will wow everyone?

When I was asked to be official photographer at the Year 10 formal of the school I worked at for the previous four years, I felt honoured. I have seen these kids go from gangly Year 7s with attitude to independent near-adults.

The venue was The Deck at Regatta Point, and the weather was perfect for sitting outside watching the beautiful sunset before dinner was served. It even inspired two students to reproduce the famous scene from ‘Titanic’!

The students and teachers had a wonderful evening. Here are a few photos of the event.

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The Class of 2014



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