Hello, 2015!

happy-smile-happiness-quotes-479How’s 2015 feeling for you?

I don’t know about you, but for me, my family and many of my friends, 2014 was a year to be reckoned with. It was one of those years you look back on and wonder how you survived. But you did. Though 2014 was a harsh teacher, it made me think about and question my life values in a big way.

I learnt a tremendous lot about myself, my strengths and my limits. I learnt just how precious those small, special moments are, because life is made up of small moments. Everyone has a story, and that story deserves to be told. I love the message in the picture at the top of my blog (wish I could claim it, but I can’t – big thank you, mapictures.com).

One of my highlight sessions of 2014 was photographing the first Year 10 Formal for the school from which I  recently retired. Their photos show them dressed exquisitely, demonstrating perfect manners and glowing with youth, pride, and the promise of  the future as they transitioned to becoming adults. Go to my Event Photography page, and you’ll see it oozing from them. I felt proud of them and honoured to be able to capture those moments forever. I’m hoping that as years go by, and life begins its inevitable tarnishing, having those photos to look back on will give those students the courage to continue on the path they made that evening.

I’m pleased to say, 2015 has already been full of promise. I’ve thought about my personal goals and my goals for Pink Ginger Photography. I’ve planned some changes to the way the business operates. More than ever, the small in small business is important to the way I relate to my clients and their photo sessions. If I have just one goal in each session, its to help my clients see how import an they are, by just being themselves.

I’m excited about this new website, too.

Grab a cuppa and look over my website. If you like my work, please follow this blog. Or better still, sign up for my Newsletters on my Contact Page. I promise I won’t clog your inbox, just once a week with a blog update. If you are super keen,  find me on Facebook and Like my page. The link is also on the side of this page. Or just email me to find out more.

Any way, Happy New Year. I hope I have the opportunity to make some memories for you, too. Or at least make a new friend.