Top 5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Photos.

We all have boxes of photos, and our hard drives are where we keep most of our memories. Photos don’t just have to live hidden away, online or in frames. Here are some unusual ways to display your photos.

1. A Photo Collage Coffee Table.


You can keep your favourite memories where you see them everyday. if you use your family room table or living room coffee table, you can relive the moments as you enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee with family and friends. If you are craft minded, you can find instructions here. It works just as well to have a piece of glass cut to the same dimensions as your table and just insert the prints underneath. The beauty of this is it is quick, not messy and you can change the photos as often as you wish.

2. Wood Block Photos.


Transferring photos to a block of wood makes for an interesting change from photo frames. If you like this idea, follow the instructions here. A word of warning though, this can get messy, but it is worth the effort for the result.

3. Old Bottles and Jars.


You can use Mason jars, jam jars or bottles. Scour markets for interesting old bottles and jars.Get creative with beads, ribbon and glitter, or leave them plain.

4. Clipboard Frames.

Use purchased clipboards or make your own from heavy cardboard, perspex or wood. A set of cheap chopping blocks looks good in a kitchen and food-spattered photos can be changed frequently!

5. Envelope Liners.

Invitation Suite

These are a cool way to send thank you notes after a celebration. You could use Engagement photos for Wedding invitation envelopes, or shower tea photos to announce Baby’s birth – take the tutorial.

Have fun dusting off your memories and putting them on display.

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