If the Shoe Fits – Choosing a Photographer for your Event.

party shoes
Bling and sparkle for party shoes.

I’m a knock over when it comes to shoes. I cleaned out my wardrobe a few weeks back, and yet I still have at least 15 pairs of shoes that made the cut – slippers, TOMs, black patent heels, gym shoes, red kitten heels. I love them all, they each hold special memories.

Choosing the right photographer can be a lot like choosing a pair of shoes. 

We all have that pair of shoes that hides at the back of our closet,that seemed like a good idea at the time. There they sit,  unworn and unloved! Dont let this happen to the memories of your special day. Ask yourself the same questions you do when a pair of shoes is calling you:

 What style am I after?

There are basically two styles of event photography: traditional and photojournalism. Traditional is mostly photographer directed. It includes posing the subjects, choosing the lighting and styling the shots. Photojournalism is about candid shots, where the photographer ‘shoots from the hip’. While photojournalism is a popular choice, in practice, the best event portfolios will contain a seamless mix of both, and will suit the style of event. Very different style mixes are needed for a formal wedding and a beach barbecue party.  In a later blog, I’ll show you how to work out whether you prefer Traditional or Photojournalism.

Much of what everyone calls ‘photo style’ is really about post processing techniques. This is most evident in the differences in  colour,  vibrancy, sharpness and “look” of  final images. While good photographers can process in a number of styles, it will be evident which one is their preferred one, and your photos will have a consistency if you choose a photographer who naturally shots in your style.

color run

 What are your friends wearing?

You might like the photos of your friend’s events. You could ask them who their photographer was; or better still, look at lots of photos on the inter web to decide the post processing style that is you. Then find a photographer whose style is similar, you can do that by looking at their online portfolio. You don’t need to look at a lot of their images, a style should be fairly evident from 4 or 5 portfolio shots.

Comfy shoes that fit -they go everywhere with us!

Do they fit?

So, you like the style of your photographer. Here’s the important part – do they fit? A  photographer will meet with you before your session. They will talk you through all the things I’ve already said. They will show you their previous work. Maybe they will have a cup of coffee with you. You should leave the meeting feeling confident that this photographer is someone you want at your event as much as your friends. That they get you.

Can I afford them?

This should be your last question, not your first. If you love the photographer and can’t bear not trusting them with your special day, be honest about your budget. They may surprise you with packages that you can afford. Or maybe, you can reconsider your budget. Like those gorgeous shoes, its an investment in you, and you deserve that.

I’d love the opportunity to see if I’m the perfect fit for your next event photography. Call me!

sandals and sneakers
Sandals and sneakers go anywhere.

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