14 Things – Canberra Photographers, Coffee and Cake.

It’s no surprise to people who know me. I like a challenge, and I particularly like a challenge to think outside of my comfort zone. That’s why I love 14 Things.

14 Things is a Meetup group in Canberra for photographers. Every month, we meet at A Bite to Eat, a little eclectic cafe, where we take over a lounge section. Over coffee and cake, we choose a random set of words to interpret in photographs and we display our favourite images from the previous selection of words for the group to consider. It’s always nice to receive praise for your work, questions, or gentle constructive help.

What I love about 14 Things is that it doesn’t matter what kind of photographer you are, or what kind of camera you use, or what your day job is. You can set your own challenge within the main challenge, and do as as many or as few words as you like. One image per word, or several images for the one word.  Everyone has a different perspective on the words, and that makes for some interesting discussions.

The challenge I set myself for February words was to experiment with ways to change a colour image to Black and White. I managed four words, but here are my efforts from those.

Which method of Black and White do you like best? Send me a comment!


One thought on “14 Things – Canberra Photographers, Coffee and Cake.

  1. My favourite is the coffee machine. I love coffee in so many different scenarios. I’m guilty of grabbing a drive-thru style huge one on the way to work, to get me through the morning. I love sharing friendly banter, catching up with friends over coffee. However, I enjoy nothing more than to drink my coffee without time constraint or interruption…solitude (to me) is the best environment to really savour the taste. This black and white photo of the machine makes me feel totally serene, taking my mind to the place of my solitary coffee.


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