Art Not Apart, My Computer, and Me.

Don’t you love technology?

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my computer. My computer is an essential part of my business, since all the photos coming out of my camera in RAW state need to be processed. I’m fairly good with technology, I know my way around Apple products in my sleep, but just sometimes they throw me a curved ball.

Today, I sat down to in eager anticipation of editing my photos from Art Not Apart, in Canberra yesterday. I foolishly decided at the same time to plug in an old external hard drive to begin saving my photos on. Very wrong! I can imagine my computer was laughing at me, as first I accidentally transferred all the back ups on it to my Mac Hard Drive, which promptly gave up trying. It slowed to a halt, and flickered. For one awful moment I thought I was seeing the Blue Screen of Death. But no, it flickered back on and with its last bit of energy, returned my desktop, replacing my desktop picture with the standard one of one swirling heavens. Not a good sign.

I turned to trusty Google. I found out how to erase and reformat an external hard drive. My Mac was suitably pleased and, with the weight of several hundred GB lifted, roared into life again.

So, after the little hiccup in our friendship, my Mac and I edited these photos together.  What a team we make!