Prints are (Nearly) Forever.

 We keep this love in a photograph

We made these memories for ourselves

Where our eyes are never closing

Hearts are never broken

And times are forever frozen still.

~Ed Sheeran Photograph

I love this song by Ed Sheeran, because photographs are important to me personally. Framed photos are scattered through my house, featuring family, friends and places that make me happy; I have just had two photo shelves put up in my room, where I can see photos of those I love as I start each day. Photographs are my connection to the past and also my future.

This article  by Missy Mwac got me thinking about how we view our photos. You can read it here:

If You Don’t Think Photos Are Important, Wait Until They Are All You Have Left

I used to think sending my clients all their images on a beautiful presentation USB was enough. My clients thought that was enough, too, but now I understand that we also need those prints, in frames in our homes, in albums and on noticeboards, where they catch our eye when we are doing the things we do every day. Nothing is a better pick me up on a day when things aren’t so great, as a cup of tea and a look through the family album, taking us back to the times when we were absolutely amazing.

The thing is, we don’t really know for how long we will be able to access our digital files. We keep inventing more foolproof ways of keeping digital images, in formats we can always reach. First it was CDs, then USBs and portable hard drives, and then the Cloud. The result is we can keep more and more images in these places, yet never take time to look at them properly, to hear their stories and to let them reassure us.

Sadly, it is often when we lose someone precious that our physical photos, in places where we can see and touch them, are what we need. One print in your hand is worth a hundred digital images when you are looking for hope.

Both Ed Sheeran and Missy Mwac say it better than I can. Read Missy Mwac’s story, and listen to Ed Sheeran.

Then make sure your most precious memories are right where you can see them. In print.