Memorable Milestone Birthdays.

Birthdays  are  special, particularly if they end in a zero. Are you organising a milestone birthday party? Want your party to stand out from others and make your Guest of Honour feel like a VIP? Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to help you.


Display Photos from GOH’s life on tables. This is a fun alternative to the usual video slideshow that most people do and also provides a meaningful table centrepiece. Collect a range of photos from across the GOH’s life. Mount each photo on a colour coordinated card, with a short caption or guessing question below it. Suspend each photo from a helium balloon ( a small piece of Blutack will anchor the balloon and stop it from sailing skyward). You can group 3 or 5 together at each table if you like.

Send out a postcard to guests with the invitation and ask them to write a special memory they have of the GOH.Display them at the party and have extra cards on hand. These make a lasting memory of the occasion and tell the GOH how special they are. Be create and link your cards to the theme – use playing cards, gift tags, inspirational cards, etc.

Invite some special people from each stage of the Guest of Honour’s life. Ask each to saya few words about when they knew the birthday person at the celebration, but keep it short and sharp.

Play to the GOH’s passions. I went to one lady’s 50th birthday party where the GOH’s celebrity crush’s portrait graced cupcakes in edible photos, and they were a great hit with both GOH and guests.

Pink Ginger Photography from various sources.

Choose a theme and match everything to it.Themes are fun and help bring together people from different walks of life and generations. NEVER, EVER, do an Over The Hill theme! Everyone has a story, use the party to celebrate it. Think about how each aspect of the party can fit in the theme, from invitations to decorations and venue.

Play hits from the GOH’s teens or 20’s years, not the decade of their birth. They won’t have the same  amazing memories attached to those years as those of their teens and twenties. This works well for milestone birthdays from 30 years.

Start a birthday Facebook page (for when you can’t be there!)Set up a Facebook group and send the link to your near and dear. The GOH will love reviewing the page at the party and later as well.  Try to give your contributors at least 2 days to come up with something but not too much more than that – a short deadline always generates better responses!

3. Never scrimp on photography.  Having someone photograph the experience is the only thing that lasts. This is not the time for family and friends to try out new cameras. Having a professional photographer delivers a payoff in terms of priceless memories family photographers might have otherwise missed.

Its nice for the GOH to have a photo of everyone who went to the celebration. I take lots of candid shots because these to me capture the spirit of the event, and I like to bring some props within the theme. This helps take the formality out of group shots and encourages even the camera shy to have a photo taken. Something as simple as a chalkboard for guest to write greetings on and them hold up in a photo gets everyone involved.

If you have a Milestone Birthday celebration coming up soon, I’m also offering a free 8 x10 print with each package up til the end of June. Call me!