Life Stories by Pink Ginger Photography, Canberra


What is Life Story photography?

Life Story photography – or family photojournalism – is about capturing your family and your life, as you are. It is about celebrating the beauty in your everyday life, and preserving that for years to come.

It’s not about beautiful surroundings and coordinated clothes. I come into your home, or another place special to you  for a few hours while you are doing your normal stuff together.  I don’t ask you to pose or smile for the camera; instead I’m just there, creating a set of images that tell a story about this day, at this time, in your lives together, as you go about working and playing together.

Life story photography. Your stories, told in photographs.

Why have a Life Story session?

While it is nice to have portraits taken, in pretty clothes and beautiful locations, they are, in truth, similar to every other family’s. They don’t tell you much about the people in the photos, at that time, in their lives together. The photos might grace your walls, but they quickly become part of the decor.

It is the images that capture the individual, unique and quirky nature of your family that we love to look back on. They become more precious as years roll by, as children become adults and people leave our lives.

How often do we look back at old photos, and remember how our gentle our son was with his baby sister; how Nanna could fix a sore knee with a cuddle; the first time we all went roller skating, and what cooking sessions were like with four kids and a dog all wanting to get involved. We laugh, we cry. We remember.

Life Story sessions are precious for one more important reason. How often is one family member missing from the photos, because they are behind the camera? At a Life Story session the whole family is in the story.

I have a number of Life Story packages to suit your family. For all sessions, you receive images on USB as part of the package.

But I suggest you do more with your images than leave them on your computer or phone. Print them, make them into an album or a slide show.  I can help you with these, too, if you like, at a reasonable price, but the choice is yours. Just do it!

Talk to me about a Life Stories session soon.