My Photography Bucketlist

I’m fascinated by the interesting, the unusual and the quirky. The people and things that put colour into our world.

Last week, at my Planning Day, for fun, I drew up my Photography Bucket List; a list of unique celebrations  I would love to photograph. Sort of like a photography Scavenger Hunt. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • a surprise Proposal
  • an Elopement
  • an Alice in Wonderland themed High Tea
  • Someone’s 100th Birthday celebration
  • a Destination Family Reunion (preferable somewhere exotic and warm!)
  • a Bush Christening or Naming Ceremony ( or any family celebration oozing rustic charm)
  • a Citizenship Ceremony
  • A retro party, with all images edited in the same retro style.

Can you help me tick any of these off?  

If you have any of these planned, or are even considering them, even if it’s  not  right away contact me ASAP to make a booking and I’ll reward you with  a special incentive gift!