A Different Kind of Family Album

This blog is from my personal food photography blog. I’ve had the idea for this side project for a while, and now I am ready to start making it a reality. Food is so intricately bound with our personal celebrations as families, so a book that combines both make me quite excited!!

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A family album is a record of the life of members of a family. In it, holidays, celebrations and everyday events are documented in photos. It becomes a treasure to pour over in later days. We laugh at the out of date clothing and hairstyles and marvel at how babies have grown; we smile at the photos of family celebrations and milestones; we remember those who, for whatever reason, are no longer with us. The history of the family is there, preserved for all time. As a photographer, this is always part of my belief as I make images.

A different kind of family album arrived in the mail for me this week. And as is usual for treasures like these, it arrived after a random chain of events. People who know me well will know that I live by the motto that there is no such thing as coincidence.


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