Are you an Introvert?

Photo: Fineartebooks

Take this quiz and see if this is you.

Guess what? I’m one, too! If you are one of these amazing people, choosing a photographer who understands to cover your celebrations and life stories will make your session run smoothly and stress free for you.

Some traits we Beautiful People share:

We get energy from dealing with the ideas, pictures, memories, and reactions that are inside our head. I spend time with you before your session, teasing out those amazing ideas. Don’t feel embarrassed bringing a mood board, photos, drawings, poems, anything you have so that the picture in my head is a perfect fit with yours.

We often prefer doing things with people we feel comfortable with. A pre session chat over a cup of tea or coffee means we can get to know each other before the session. You will also be able to look through photos on my iPad to see if my style fits your expectations, before you sign up for anything.

We don’t enjoy a fuss made about our big day.  While we quietly enjoy a celebration, we aren’t big on the fuss that goes with it. That’s why I make myself unobtrusive. I take my lead from you. I capture both your social extrovert friends, along with your quiet moments so you can look back on them later.

We take time to reflect so that we have a clear idea of what we’ll be doing when we decide to act. After I’ve talked with you, I’ll spend  time planning the shots I will take. While your photos will look delightfully spontaneous, I will have planned to be in the right place at the right time to snare that moment. I  edit your photos so they are as perfect as can be. This takes a little time but I think the end product is worth it.

We notice details.  I will take several shots of the the same moment. They will all be that little bit different, so I can choose the right expression, the right angle. I also remove those annoying distractions, so no unfortunate light switches growing out of your ear!

We think outside the box. If you have some crazy ideas, let me hear them. I will enjoy the challenge of making them a reality.  I thrive on variety, and never have a set of “fixed shots”. I ensure you have a set of photos that are uniquely and authentically you.

Phone calls scare us. I really don’t like making phone calls and I don’t think you do, either! That doesn’t mean I don’t like communicating with you. I am happier to correspond either by email, text or in person. I’m also more than happy to chat online. I’ll let you know all those avenues of communication when I meet with you.

If would like to find out more about how I can make your celebration memorable, or would just like an email weekly about what I’m up to, send me a text or an email and say hello!