Remembering the Little Moments

On big days, the small things are likely to be overlooked.

We are so focussed on getting everything right, and no matter how calm and cool we are, there is always so much to do, that the small moments can be forgotten, or overlooked in photos. It is just those small moments that become great memories for later on.

See that so in love couple on my home page? That is my nephew and his now wife -their wedding day was a few weeks ago. The official photographer was looking after the main event, but my sister asked if I could come to  her home to take some photos of the boys beforehand.

I arrived to the joyful chaos my family is famous for. My nephew; his best friends since the first day of High School and his fiancee’s young brother all looked great, after my sister’s marathon last minute ironing of shirts that had been carefully left in their packaging by their proud owners. My BIL was calmly finding belts for the few who had lost a bit of weight to look good for the event, but, like the boys they are, forgot to retry their suits in the busy weeks of organising Buck’s Nights and safe places to keep the rings.

Corsages were distributed and pinned, amid questions as to which side they should go. I may have seen a small tear as my BIL pinned the corsage on his son.

Sheldon, the groom’s cavalier spaniel, wearing his custom wedding tie, watched all this with a bewildered look on his face.


Why are these moments important? It’s easy to remember to take the formal shots, but it is the small moments that get forgotten in the bustle of the day and its preparations. Yet they show you and your family as they are, and what usually comes out is a lot of love, connection and belonging.

These are the kind of photos I love to make when Pink Ginger Photography photographs your special occasions. I really appreciate the chance to become an honorary member of your family for the day!

What little moments are you so pleased that you have photos of?

I can’t wait to read your stories in the comments below.