How much food will I need for a party?

I am so glad I found this infographic today!

In my family, overcatering is in our DNA. Then inevitably  we end up eating leftovers for days  (or weeks) afterwards. There are only so many ways you can make cold chicken wings and pasta interesting!

If you also panic about guests going hungry, this infograph is a lifesaver. Thanks Chickabug!


You might need to vary this a bit, but its a good place to start. You know your guests and what they eat; if you know the salad platter wont be touched, you might need to increase the number of appetisers.  Likewise,  you might need a cheese and crackers platter for those without a sweet tooth.

Guests will always want to sample everything; if you plan on a barbecue, the more meat varieties you have, the more you will have to allow, so make servings smaller – I cut steaks smaller  before cooking and serve marinated chicken wings instead of thighs. Less wastage, less to eat for weeks to come!

Same goes for desserts. Cut cheesecakes and dessert cakes into smaller portions  so guests can sample everything.One that normally will serve 6 can be cut into 8 pieces easily. Precutting into serving sizes makes for less wastage as well.