Capturing awesome Easter photo memories.



This Easter, make sure you have your camera or phone ready to capture those Easter memories. Here are some tips to help you take photos you will love, not just at Easter but at other family celebrations too.

Make sure your camera has a good battery.

If you are using your phone camera, make sure it is fully charged and check and change or charge your camera battery the night before.

Put some thought into what will make good photos, naturally.

Even though you are after candid photos, there are lots of things you can plan to make your images look more professional. Think about clean coordinated clothes that the family is comfortable in. Arrange to have Easter bunny leave her stash in a room where natural lighting works best.  Clear away clutter the night before. Have your camera in a handy place, all set up and ready to go.

Take lots and lots of photos. If you have burst function, use it. 

The more images you take, the more chance you won’t miss a thing. Sometimes it’s the little expressions you don’t see til later that make for brilliant photos.

Don’t try to hard recreate candid looks you may have seen.

Though these photos often look candid, in most cases they have been carefully posed and set up. Don’t lose the moment; capturing the looks of surprise at the Easter bunny’s stashes will give you the sort of photos you enjoy over and over. do make a plan, though, for those “must have” shots, but be ready to go with the flow.

Keep posed photos to a minimum.

Chances are you will  end up with images that look contrived or worse still, make their way to one of those “Awkward Easter Shots’ pages. If you want a group shot, it works to just gather your people together over a common activity, or just let them be themselves when they are no longer aware of the camera. Using a zoom lens from further away and keeping flash to an absolute minimum makes people less self conscious.

Use the Three Photo method to tell a  story. 

Start with a wide angle to set the scene; then choose a medium angle for the main activities. Lastly, take close up shots. The variation in camera angle will lead your images into a story.

Make sure you include yourself in some of the photos.

Don’t be the always absent family member. Give someone else the camera for a while. It makes sense to hire a photographer for special Easter family gatherings, so no one gets left out.

Remember why you want these photos.

Make them about saving family memories; it doesn’t matter if they aren’t technically perfect, what matters is that they are preserving precious moments , not just for now, but also for future generations. Don’t keep them on your phone or computer, either. Make sure you print your favourites; make an album, or try one of these creative ways to share your photos.

Happy Easter memory making!