The Most Wuthering Heights Day ever – Canberra style!

Right from her 70’s debut music video, Kate Bush wowed me with her fabulousness. I coveted her red dress and adored her (then very fashionable) green eyeshadow and amazingly fluid individual dance style. What exactly the lyrics Wuthering Heights were, I didn’t really know, and didn’t care. She was my idea of bohemian loveliness.

Here’s Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights video in its glory,  with lyrics, for those of you who didn’t exist in the 70’s, or choose to forget.

Apparently, girls and guys of all ages have been gathering together, on windy moors and other assorted places around the world, on this day, to become a slice of Kate Bush’s awesomeness as they recreate her famous  music video.

Fast forward nearly 40 years (am I really that old?) to last Saturday, when Brooke Thomas organised Canberra’s very own inaugural Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever at Glebe Park.

I didn’t go to dance, but I did go to photograph what turned out to be an amazing celebration of community dancing. What Canberra lacked in ‘wiley windy moors’ it made up for in spades, as the bare trees of the park provided a perfect foil for the  100 or so dancers of all ages and gender dressed in red in support of the Domestic Violence Crisis Service. Maybe next year…

Any way, here are some of my photos. You can see more in my public gallery.

Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever Canberra
Waiting nervously to start.
Most Withering Heights Day ever Canberra
Getting those moves just right.
Catching up with friends before the Big Moment.
Wuthering Heights is for dudes, too.
Out on the wiley, windy moors, we’d roll and fall in green..
You had a temper, like my jealousy…
Swaying gracefully Kate Bush style.
And… Zombie Walk!