Capturing awesome Easter photo memories.



This Easter, make sure you have your camera or phone ready to capture those Easter memories. Here are some tips to help you take photos you will love, not just at Easter but at other family celebrations too.

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How much food will I need for a party?

fruit platter

I am so glad I found this infographic today!

In my family, overcatering is in our DNA. Then inevitably  we end up eating leftovers for days  (or weeks) afterwards. There are only so many ways you can make cold chicken wings and pasta interesting!

If you also panic about guests going hungry, this infograph is a lifesaver. Thanks Chickabug!


You might need to vary this a bit, but its a good place to start. You know your guests and what they eat; if you know the salad platter wont be touched, you might need to increase the number of appetisers.  Likewise,  you might need a cheese and crackers platter for those without a sweet tooth.

Guests will always want to sample everything; if you plan on a barbecue, the more meat varieties you have, the more you will have to allow, so make servings smaller – I cut steaks smaller  before cooking and serve marinated chicken wings instead of thighs. Less wastage, less to eat for weeks to come!

Same goes for desserts. Cut cheesecakes and dessert cakes into smaller portions  so guests can sample everything.One that normally will serve 6 can be cut into 8 pieces easily. Precutting into serving sizes makes for less wastage as well.



Dramas of Party Planning


You don’t want any of those, right?

Throwing a memorable celebration takes a lot of planning. There’s the theme, the decor, the food, the invitations, the playlist… so much to organise. It usually takes longer than you think.

However you plan your celebration party, remember these important things:

  • The reason you are planning this celebration.  Hint: The academy Award for Party Planning is #Fakenews
  • Whatever your budget, it is important to stick to it. Food and drink will take up at least a half of that budget. Don’t be embarrassed to ask guests to BYO alcohol, or to help with dessert. Nobody minds.
  • Hire professionals for some of the work. You need to enjoy the celebration, too, and helpers free you up to mingle with guests. Think about using a caterer for at least some of the food, and a photographer to allow you and your guests to be in the photos instead of behind the lens.
  • Don’t get carried away with your theme. Themes are great to break the ice at parties where there are many generations, or friends and family who have not met before. If your guests enjoy the fun of finding things for the theme, you’ve got it right. If guests feel as though they need to outlay a huge expense, then please think again.
  • Make sure the celebration fits your Guest of Honour’s personality – no surprise parties for those who hate surprises, but the all-out Gatsby Party for your outgoing friend is perfect!
  • Have fun! Seriously, no one will remember that the sausage rolls came out a bit burnt, or that the pineapple you used as a savoury – holder fell over  and crashed into the dip (true story!). What guests remember is the warm welcoming feeling you create – and the photos they can share for years to come.

PS  If you are after a celebrations photographer who will miss nothing, while being as unobtrusive as your pot plant, I’d love to help!

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Pauline and Grahame’s 40th Wedding Anniversary

It was a labour of love a few weeks ago to photograph the 40th Wedding anniversary party of my good friend Pauline and her husband, Grahame. The couple’s  two adult children got together and planned an amazing surprise party for their parents, inviting family and friends without the couple suspecting anything.

I don’t know how they did it, but the kids even managed to talk Pauline’s musician friend and “honorary third child”  Siki Daha into taking a road trip from Sydney with a few friends to play an amazing acoustic set right there, in their back yard!

My brief? Capture the look on Pauline’s and Grahame’s faces!

Click on the photo below to see a slide show of photos I made of the celebration.

A slideshow can be added to any of my Celebration packages.



Catch the Proposal


You have a ring.  You’ve organised a romantic setting and plan.

It’s a moment you will want to remember forever – the one where she says yes.

Pink Ginger Photography’s affordable Catch the Proposal package can help you capture this moment while keeping it a big surprise from your Lovely. It includes a pre conference, so the session goes smoothly;  discreet photography leading up to the Big Moment, as well as the Big Moment itself.

There is also time for  a few candid couple photos as you celebrate your first minutes as an engaged couple. I give you a “sneak peek” of a few images that night, so you can make an announcement on Facebook or Instagram, and a week or so later you receive all the important images on a USB, ready to share or print. All for $195.

I also throw in a bottle of Pink Bubbles to help you celebrate.

Girls love photos of special occasions. Your new Fiancee will think you are the most amazing person for arranging  all this. The photos will be perfect, too, for engagement party invitations, so she’ll love you even more.

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