Comment, Like and Share…


I know I should be concerned with SEOs  and Sales Funnels and the whole Comment, Like and Share thing.

But you know what?

I don’t want to be in pole position on Google unless my clients put me there. I don’t want hundreds of fake Likes on Facebook from people clicking away for money, and who wouldn’t have a clue what my business stands for, or values.

My business is organic. I work best with people who relate to me, share my business’s values and like my work. I make my website attractive and easy to navigate if you go there, and a new Facebook Like gives me warm fuzzies.

Looking in my email box over the last few days has been a bit disappointing. Some examples:

“I tried to contact you many times by phone and couldn’t get through. How do you expect to get business when you don’t have many Facebook likes? Same applies to Twitter and Instagram. Why don’t you try this amazing site that gets you Likes. I did, and found it very useful. Cheers!”

The first few words sent a shudder of fear . I carry my phone with me always, and would hate to miss a call or text from a client. But reading on, I realised the sender probably hasn’t even taken notice of my phone number. They give a US number  and a dodgy link to an obvious Like Farm. And  I remembered I don’t even have a Twitter account.

” I check your website, Pink Ginger, and I see you are not on Page 1 of Google. I can put you here (insert fake image of my website in pole position on Google Page 1).”

Obviously, this emailer thinks Pink Ginger is my first name, which is rather disturbing. Who the heck has a name like that who isn’t a stripper…

I grow my business through honest referrals. I would rather have someone choose Pink Ginger Photography because they know my work. Or they know someone  I have photographed, and and that client liked me and my business enough to recommend Pink Ginger Photography for their family celebration.

Maybe they have seen one of Pink Ginger Photography’s posts on a friend’s Facebook and go check out my Page for themselves. Maybe they joined my email list and love finding new photo tips and special offerings in their inbox, without feeling that they are being conned into buying something.

I ask for feedback from every job I complete, both to hear the good things, and to make the other things better. I do this because it feels right to build a relationship with clients who value my business and the values I work by.

A high SEO or hundreds of Facebook Likes won’t do this.

So I want to ask a favour.
Take a look at Pink Ginger Photography’s Facebook Page. If you can relate, give me a Like.

Or check out my website. It may not have a huge SEO but my work values are on display.

Or maybe you might like to join my email list, or just drop me a word of encouragement in my email box.
Thanks for listening.





What makes Pink Ginger Photography different?


If you wanted a photographer for your wedding, you’d choose a specialist, wouldn’t you?  The same for a family portrait; you would want a photographer who knows exactly how to pose you and work with your family to get the photos you want?

Pink Ginger Photography specialises in photographing your party celebration. That’s just about all I do.

That’s because I know you have other family celebrations that are every bit as important as a wedding, or a portrait session. And you deserve to have beautiful, lasting photos as reminders of the occasion, too.

Here are some other good reasons to entrust Pink Ginger Photography with photographing your family celebration:

My packages take into account the shorter time frames of most family celebrations, offering all the care generally reserved for wedding photography as well as value for money.

You can be sure of securing a weekend or evening session without booking a year in advance, because they won’t be already reserved for wedding sessions.

Real interactions, real laughs, real relationships are what my images are about. The ones that capture the small moments alongside the major ones. Because life is messy, chaotic and beautiful, all at the same time.

Everyone feels comfortable in front of my camera. No fake poses or cheesy smiles, because that’s exactly what they look like in photos – fake and cheesy.

My sessions are as individual as you are. Candid, documentary style photography is an art. It’s about recognising a memorable moment almost before it happens, then unobtrusively capturing it. At a typical session, I take lots of images, then go through each one to find those that tell your unique story.

I individually select and edit each image you receive. No batch processing. No “shoot and burn”. No embarrassing photos. Each image is individual but part of a consistent style so they will look awesome either on Facebook or on your walls. It takes longer but the effort is worth it, just as you are.

I’m the same person who takes your calls, meets with you over coffee, photographs your celebration and edits your photos. I’m also a perfectionist, so that means I’m not happy if you aren’t happy.


  • I studied photography at The Photography Institute and gained my diploma in 2010
  • In my previous life I was a teacher, so I’m used to wrangling kids (and adults, too!)
  • I hold an ACT Working With Vulnerable People card
  • I have Public Liability Insurance at a level accepted by all venues in ACT and NSW

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Sharing Your Images

What happens to your photos of special occasions?

I take a lot of photos of the small and large milestones in my family. Mostly they stay on my phone or iPad. Its not that I don’t love prints, I do. It’s just that there are so many of them! Even if I kept them in photo albums, I would have shelves and shelves of them. The trouble is, I can’t choose just one photo to maybe print and frame. The cute one, or the serious one?

You’ve made an investment with professional photos of your occasion, and want a more permanent record, but having a large number of prints is maybe not the answer.

I’ve added some new products to help you solve your dilemma in different ways. I love them both!

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Remembering the Little Moments

On big days, the small things are likely to be overlooked.

We are so focussed on getting everything right, and no matter how calm and cool we are, there is always so much to do, that the small moments can be forgotten, or overlooked in photos. It is just those small moments that become great memories for later on.

See that so in love couple on my home page? That is my nephew and his now wife -their wedding day was a few weeks ago. The official photographer was looking after the main event, but my sister asked if I could come to  her home to take some photos of the boys beforehand.

I arrived to the joyful chaos my family is famous for. My nephew; his best friends since the first day of High School and his fiancee’s young brother all looked great, after my sister’s marathon last minute ironing of shirts that had been carefully left in their packaging by their proud owners. My BIL was calmly finding belts for the few who had lost a bit of weight to look good for the event, but, like the boys they are, forgot to retry their suits in the busy weeks of organising Buck’s Nights and safe places to keep the rings.

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Hello 2016!

The Christmas decorations are down and the tree wrestled into its storage bag for another 12 months. Now its back to work time!  Pink Ginger Photography is back for another exciting year of photographing your special occasions. I listened to your ideas and have  been working on some new exciting products to show you later that I think you will love!

As a photographer, I never stop taking photos. Here’s a taste of my “beach holiday” in the wettest, coldest January in history!

May 2016 bring you joy.